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safety solutions for the diligent work force

Emergency Plan Management

Your organization’s emergency plan may be the difference between recognizing pre-incident indicators and a mass casualty incident.

Workplace Violence Training

Workplace violence concerns all of us, and it leaves a lasting impact on the organization where it occurs.

Active Shooter Training

Active shooter and mass casualty violence is a current reality facing us, no matter where we go.

Tactical Training

Alpha Safety Solutions is proud to offer tactical firearms training for all levels of shooters. We offer basic courses as well as custom courses that include shooting fundamentals…

Physical Security & Vulnerability Assessments

Physical security and vulnerability assessments highlight the strengths and weaknesses affecting today’s workplace.

Emergency Plan / Policy Development

Sometimes emergency management is out of sight, out of mind… until an organization finds itself in the middle of a critical incident.

Concealed Weapon Classes

Be prepared. You never know when the worst situation will happen, but we’re here to help you stay safe in those moments of panic with our Concealed Weapon Classes!

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